Colour Powder Estimator

Determine the perfect amount of colour powder for your event.

How much powder do you need?

We recommend the following quantities for your colour run or coloured powder celebration.

  • Primary school colour run: 200g per participant
  • High school colour run: 200g-250g participant
  • Universities and Colleges: 250g-300g per participant
  • Children’s birthday parties: 200g-300g per participant (smaller children will need less powder)
  • Adult events: 400g per participant
  • Community events: 300g per participant

POPULAR ADD-ON is a spectacular ‘colour throw’ at the end of your event – 50g per participant

To calculate the amount of powder you need use this formula:

Recommended amount in grams x number of participants/1000 = amount in kilo’s


Now you have the total amount (in kg’s) of coloured powder you need. The next step is to convert this into 5kg, 1kg and/or 100gram bags of each colour.

Do this yourself by:

  1. Dividing the total kilos by the number of colours you’d like – we have 7 colours Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Pink.
  2. Allocate 5kg bags first, then 1kg and 100g bags for the remainder

Example #1 – 28kg of coloured powder in 5 colours:

That’s 5.6kg of each colour, therefore

  •   5 x 5kg bag – one of each colour +
  •   30 x 100g bags – six of each colour

Example # 2 – 56kg of coloured powder in 4 colours:

That’s 14kg of each colour, therefore

  • 8 x 5kg bag – two of each colour +
  • 16 x 1kg bags – four of each colour

Example #3 – 14kg of colour powder in 7 colours

That’s 2kg of each colour, therefore

  • 16 x 1kg bags – two of each colour


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