School Colour Runs

your students and staff will love it!

Our school colour runs pass with flying colours!

Organising your school colour run is easy

Being school teachers ourselves, we can assist you with planning documentation such as sample risk assessments, permission notes as well as how you can structure your event. Just contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

Your staff and students will love it

School colour runs are consistently voted the most enjoyable day of the school year by both students and staff.

Add colour and excitement to your next fundraiser, school cross country, walk-a-thon or school celebration. The students will remember this day forever.

Let us show you how to hold a School Colour Run without the help of a fundraising company

We are teachers who have organised enormously successful Colour Runs at our schools and gone on to help many others do the same.

You do not need the help of a fundraising company or coach that will take 35 to 40% of the fundraising profits you raise. Instead please use our FREE guide outlining EVERYTHING you need for planning and executing a school colour run that will be the highlight of the school year.

For this FREE guide simply fill out the School Info Pack form on this page. 

Some ideas for school colour runs

Traditional ‘Colour Run’

  • Organise a course (ideally 2km+) and have five coloured stations set up at regular intervals including one at the finish line
  • Play loud festive music throughout the course (possibly at each colour station)
  • Parent helpers, student teachers, support staff are ideal for powder throwing. The most common means of throwing is by hand. Some groups will use empty sauce bottles to spray the powders out.


  • Have fun activities set up at each station that the students have to complete to have the powders thrown on them. This could include an obstacle course, target throwing or dancing through the colour station.
  • Set up ‘tabloid’ style activities with coloured powder at each. Students rotate after 10 minutes to the next activity/colour.
  • Upon completion of the ‘colour run’ allow students to grab a handful of powder, have a count down and everybody throws their powders into the air on zero.
  • Not enough powder for everyone in the school to throw on countdown? Invite just Year 6. Makes for a great Year 6 photo.
  • Year 6 Fundraiser – replacing the traditional Year 6 Mini Fete. Year 6 students will advertise, promote, plan and help run the event
  • Authentic coloured powder sourced directly from India
  • Safe & easy to clean non toxic and skin friendly
  • Eco Friendly made from food grade materials
  • Free postage* *available on bulk orders

Ready to start organising a Colour Run?

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