Why Quality Coloured Powder?

The new fun way to make colourful memories

Taran Jones

Primary School Teacher and expert colour Powder Thrower

It all started one day when the family attended a Color run and thought "we should get some colour powder and do this at school"

Alas at the time (circa 2014) there was nowhere to buy small to medium quanitities of colour holi powder.

Necessity is the mother or invention.  Taran made the coloured powder for his school's colour run at home. When other teachers saw this they asked Taran to make coloured powder for their school's Colour Run as well. Soon the word spread and Taran was teaching and running a small powder factory! It all got too big and messy so he searched for the best colour powder supplier in India and settled on Kingdom of Color. 


Jackie Fox

Co-creator and expert colour powder throwing accomplice

Jackie brings her financial background and business skills to manage the day-to-day operations of bringing colour fun to customers.

Her passion for health and fitness makes her a strong advocate of the benefits of holi colour runs. As a result, she was the mastermind of the free do-it-yourself colour run guide, which gives teachers and parents the information they need to run a successful event on their own. 

As the company has evolved and expanded over the years, Jackie continues to maintain a customer centric approach. She is not just selling powder, she helping people create an experience that will be remembered. 

Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have about event planning and/or holi powder!


  • Authentic coloured powder sourced directly from India
  • Safe & easy to clean non toxic and skin friendly
  • Eco Friendly made from food grade materials
  • Free postage* *available on bulk orders

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