Expecting Excitement

Blue or pink coloured powder for gender reveals

Celebrate the magic of revealing the sex of your baby with coloured powder

Gender Reveals 

When you're having a baby there's a lot to be excited about. Gender Reveals are becoming an increasingly popular way to announce to everyone if the baby is a boy or girl.

Get creative with blue or pink coloured powder, some of our favourite ideas are:

  • Colour powder fight between the two parents 
  • Guests throw the colour powder on the parents 
  • Black balloon filled with helium, coloured powder and confetti/glitter. Pop the balloon over the heads of the parents for a cloud of colour.
  • Colour powder balloon 'dart-board'. Only one balloon has the blue/pink powder (other balloons have other colours), all the guests have a turn at throwing darts at the balloons. 
  • Colour powder 'smoke' from a motorbike, car, 4WD or truck exhaust pipe

Most importantly have a photographer ready to capture every moment!

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