DIY Colour Powder Balls @HOME!

Embrace the fun and excitement of colour! Make your own colour powder balls at home! It is a simple, easy project for all ages which brings everyone in the family together! Let the RAINBOW FUN begin!

Step 1 – Source materials to make colour powder balls

·         Sections of cheap, unstretched pantyhose or knee-high stockings, depending on length 1-2 sets per family member (if you don’t have stockings, any thin socks will do)

·         Cup of water

·         Scoop, funnel and/or large spoons

·         Scissors

·         Quality Coloured Powder – 75g per ball. Click here to purchase online.

Step 2 – Make colour balls

·         Cut stockings (each leg in two pieces)

·         Tie knot on one end if not a toe end (see image below)

·         Soak nylon in bowl of water for a few minutes

·         Pour a colour powder into the pantyhose (approx. 75 grams) using spoon or scoop and/or funnel

·         Tie knot on open end, the ball is ready!

Helpful tips

·         Try not to stretch nylon (unless top end over a funnel) when pouring powder into stocking to reduce powder loss

·         Fill stockings over a bowl or plate in order to re-use powder that is lost during filling

·         Adding too much powder stretches the stocking, reducing their ability to hold powder

·         Per game, you should plan to make 1-3 balls per participant. We have made shopping easy with fast delivery.

Step 3 – Pick a game(s) and have fun!

During games colour is thrown by hand or children can make colour powder balls. Colour powder balls, if made correctly, will use less powder per participant.

Capture the Flag

·         The game is setup the same as usual, except children ‘tag’ each other with their powder ball.

·         A child ‘tagged’ with coloured powder would return to their base before starting again.

Survival Tag

·         A game of tag where everybody is in. Children run around and ‘tag’ people with their coloured powder ball.

·         The person tagged stands still until the person who tagged them is caught by someone else. Then they may resume the chasing.

·        If two people are tagged simultaneously, they play ‘scissor, paper, rock’ to determine the winner.

·         This activity works best when it lasts for approx. 3-4 minutes. Then you can start a new round.

Bull Rush

·         Tagging can be done with the coloured powder ball.

Helpful Tips

·         Wear white t-shirts to make colour powder stand out. Save your t-shirt as a family momento.

·         Family members with respiratory issues should take care and avoid colour powder dust to the face. Encourage kids to “tag” arms, legs and torso.

Step 4 – Clean up is a breeze!

·         All you need with Quality Coloured Powder products is soap and water! For yards and green spaces, all you need is a garden hose, wait for the next rain or turn on the sprinkler.

Create games, get some fresh air and exercise together as a family!