Host an Online (Virtual) Gender Reveal Party with Colour Powder!

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Sharing the excitement of your upcoming baby’s arrival is difficult in our current situation, but have you considered having an ONLINE gender reveal? It is heaps of fun and a great opportunity to connect with family and friends that want to congratulate you when they cannot be with you physically.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with the technology, it is quick and easy to get up to speed. Plus, when you’ve connected all your family and friends once, it’s easy to do time and time again…maybe for the birth…? 😉

We have put together a 7-step guide to help you to create your memorable online gender reveal party.

Step #1 – Decide on who is hosting the gender reveal and do you need help

Who will be hosting the online reveal?

  • Both parents and/or other family members?
  • Do you want or need a designated person to capture the big day on video for you?

Who will know the gender? Do you want it to be a surprise to you as a parent as well as everyone else?

TIP: Designate a friend or family member to help keep the secret. Grant permission for your doctor to share this information with them so that this person can arrange ordering of pink or blue items.

Pick a date or date(s) and time for your big day.

  • If family and friends are overseas, you may want to host a special extra event just for them in order to fit their time zone.
  • You can’t decide which of the zillion ways to gender reveal, why not have several one-on-one online reveals with different sets of family and friends. 

Step #2 – Choose the video communication platform that you know how to use OR find one that is simple to use

Pick which platform(s) you would like to use. Do you want it private (by invite) or open to everyone? Here are some of the popular ones with their pro’s and con’s.

Advantages: free, users can use desktop or mobile, host can grant permission for guests to record video, environment is one large video conference, users can communicate by voice, video and word chat, URL event link can copied and pasted to send out via email, Facebook, etc.

Disadvantages: guests need to mute sound unless speaking or it can be difficult to hear if there are multiple people, video quality is unpredictable, guest engagement prior to event day would need to be done via email or using another platform (i.e. Facebook event page)

Advantages: free between accounts, users can use desktop or mobile, video/audio quality is generally better than Zoom

Disadvantages: requires guests to create a free Skype account in advance, microphones pick up background sounds easily

Advantages: Live video can be uploaded onto FB page, free, many people of all ages already use platform, you can engage with guests regular leading up to event

Disadvantages: You are broadcasting and guests reacting (not as interactive), guests need to create an account in advance

Other platforms to consider: Crowdcast, Google Hangouts, Join.Me

TIP: Do a pre-run of the platform you intend to use. If you have time, try others. Most are free. Platforms which permit guests to speak and/or use video can let you see reactions and share as if everyone attended in person.

Step #3 – Personally invite your guests

How long has it been since you sat down and wrote a personalised or handmade card that you send in the mail? Now is the time to do something special that reflects you and your pregnancy.

Be sure to make it clear in the invite that it is an ONLINE gender reveal via video comms. Your Grandmother will be confused, but she will do anything for you, and will love telling her friends about this new thing the young folks are doing.

TIP: Pre-plan for guests who are technologically challenged by giving them very specific instructions on how to connect on the day, and/or arrange to have a family member or a friend (preferably an IT guru) to be on hand to help people.

Step #4 – (self) Catering? Why not! Food brings people together even in video communications!

Challenge your guests to prepare party snacks for themselves with a twist, it will give everyone something to talk and laugh about, with each other, for example:

  • Who can use the most 100’s and 1000’s on a piece of bread – and eat it!
  • Jelly shapes – who’s is the wobbliest
  • A sculpture of a pregnant woman made out of fruit

TIP: don’t forget to let people know to have their favourite beverage on the ready to “Cheers” you with.

Step # 5 – Create anticipation in the lead up

Send reminders and fun little updates leading up to the big day. Interact and build excitement with your guests with some of these ideas

  • Give updates on the size and development of the baby
  • Create an online group for all the guests and regularly invite suggestions for baby names, parenthood myths, ask people what their favourite birthday was and why
  • Ask everyone to privately provide you with their baby photo to play the “guess who” game within the group
  • Send out packages (i.e. gender reveal gift bags)

Step #6 – On the day

On the day give everyone plenty of time to connect and iron out any technology issues. You don’t want anyone to miss out!

Catch up with everyone, it will feel a bit strange to start, but not for long. Perhaps play online games or activities before the big reveal.

  • Pinterest is a great place to source ideas
  • Online game ideas may include baby trivia, open ended questions such as “what was your favorite toy as a child”, parenting myths and baby name suggestions
  • Guess the size of mum and dad’s belly’s in centimeters and then take the measurement in realtime
  • Food and packages/gifts could be part of the lead up to the big reveal finale
  • Show everyone the various baby bits and pieces you have ready, maybe even the baby’s room

TIP: Give guests a phone number they can call (ideally a guest who is an IT guru) to help them get online!

Step #7 – Give your guests what they want! It is time for the BIG REVEAL!

For the instant effect of shooting colour into the air to announce the gender, we highly recommend our Quality Coloured Powder poppers. They are safe, easy to use and create a beautiful colour cloud effect that is easy to capture on Facebook live or on video! Visit our online shop to order.

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