Why Sourcing Your Colour Powder from Trusted Sources is Important

Colour Runs
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Hosting a safe school or community colour run or event should be everybody’s priority. However, have you considered the primary risk of harmful chemicals which may be contained within your coloured powder order?  

Chemical risks may sound a bit doomy and gloomy, but we feel it is important that organisers are aware of potential risks, so that they can ask the right questions when sourcing powders!  

Human Toxicity Risk – industrial dyes in cheaper powders may contain oxidized metals mixed with oil to create vibrant shades of colour. While pretty, these metals can include chemicals such as lead oxide, chromium iodide, copper sulfate, mercury sulphite and aluminum bromide.  

To spare collecting detailed medical and chemical exposure histories from each participant, we suggest avoiding heavy metal, unless it is in your event music playlist. 

Environmental Risk  in addition to exposing participants to potential harm, cheaper powders which contain chemicals may also have a negative effect to our eco-systems. Traces of oxidized chemicals and heavy metals can pollute our waterways and soil.  

Strive towards frog friendly. Walso encourage reduced plastic waste (link to throwing powder blog). 

Event Sustainability Risk  in situations where toxicity causes mass minor irritation of eyes, skin and scalp and/or triggers moderate and severe allergic reactions of participants, your event or fundraiser is at risk of discontinued support 

We want your event to be remembered for good reasons, not bad.  

How Can I Reduce Chemical Risks? The good news is you just did! Increased awareness of potentially harmful chemicals will help you source safer powders! Never hesitate to ask a supplier questions about the ingredients in their products.  

Why Quality Matters to Us – Our family business was started based on powder safety concerns as teachers working with young children at school colour run events. We originally started making the powders ourselves in our own backyard, and as our number of smiling customers grew, we researched and sourced quality powder from a reputable supplier in India.  

‘’Quality’’ is so important to us, it is part of our company name!