​Turn Your Colour Run Shirt Into a Momento!

Have you just completed a colour run, and are feeling awesome wearing your post event colour run t-shirt? Why not preserve this unique piece of abstract art?

Here is how you can turn your post colour run t-shirt into a momento:

Capture the joy! Enjoy wearing or admiring your new souvenir colour run shirt!

  1. Promptly lay out your coloured gear and don’t shake off any excess colour powder.
  2. Lay the clothes flat and spray generously (i.e. soak it) with white vinegar. Some choose to do this outside to avoid creating a mess in the house.
  3. Allow to dry lying flat, then iron with high heat to set the colour (use a rag between clothes and iron).
  4. Turn inside out and put in tumble dryer for 10 minutes on high heat.
  5. Wash and wear proudly, over time the colour will eventually fade over time.