7 Colour Powder Ideas to Celebrate Your Upcoming Gender Reveal Party

Congratulations! Gender reveal parties are a unique way to celebrate your baby’s upcoming arrival! Whether it is pink, blue, yellow or green – a splash of colour can add some fun and excitement for guests of all ages! Unlike traditional baby showers, everyone can share the anticipation of your impending arrival.

1. Balloon Burst

  • Fill an empty, black balloon with coloured powder and confetti using a plastic funnel, then inflate. Pop the balloon and let contents rain over you for an effect. You can choose instant reveal of gender based on colour (doesn’t have to be traditional pink/blue).
  • We recommend up to 400grams of powder for one extra large balloon.
  • Extra Tip: if using helium balloons, bring your powder and confetti contents to the store with you. Larger balloons will hold more content weight. If balloon starts to hover low, give it a shake to re-distribute contents evenly.

2. Pinata Smash

  • Fill a pinata with coloured powder and confetti. Encourage active participation from guests to break open to instant reveal gender.
  • Extra Tip: advise guests in advance to wear white and bring a change of clothes or towels for their car seats.

3. Photo Shoot

  • Stage a photo shoot throw or pose in coloured powder. Use white clothes to improve colour contrast.
  • Speak to your photographer in advance about what colour effect you would like to capture. We have seen everything to balloon bursts to colour powder fights.
  • Extra Tip – Find a photographer that specialises in using coloured powder. Here are some links to ones we know:

Fliss & Co
Dollface Images

4. Start and Rev it Up 

  • Place coloured powder into vehicle or bike exhaust, then start and rev engine for the colour powder to show. While our powders are non-flammable, we do not provide any reassurance that fine corn flour will not damage your equipment.

5. Home Run

  • Fill a ball with coloured powder and swing a bat to break it open. You can make your own ball or buy a plastic two-part ball that opens to place powder in.

6. Group Colour Toss

  • Get a friend to remove coloured powder from packages and fill small paper cups. Creatively decorate cups and use tissue paper over top to hide colour. Alternatively, you can make guests close their eyes and cover tops of cups with their hands prior to the big group throw.
  • Extra Tip: advise guests in advance to wear white and bring a change of clothes or towels for their car seats. Hire a photographer to capture the group toss moment.

7. Bullseye Surprise

  • Find or buy a dart board set or create your own over-sized balloon board! Fill empty, black balloons with coloured powder. Inflate balloons and attach the tied balloon end to the board. Throw darts yourselves or find volunteers from the crowd to help you celebrate your instant gender reveal.

Quality Coloured Powder Event Tips

  • Test run your powder effect in advance by using regular corn flour.
  • Wear a hat if you are concerned about how our food grade coloured powder dye will affect light hair colours.
  • Airborne powder can be an irritant and we recommend tossing powder at people’s torsos instead of faces. Asthmatics may prefer to wear a paper dust mask.
  • Our powders are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Dust will naturally dissipate or you can water area down with water using a garden hose or sprinkler post event.