How to Reduce Plastic Waste, Throw Colour Powder and Still Have Lots of Fun!

Are you organising a colour run? Is hosting an eco-friendly event important to you? Try ditching the plastic bottles and switching to a bucket throw!

Colour Stations – What are they? How many do we need?

  • What is a colour station? It is a specific spot you choose to throw one colour of powder at participants as they run/skip/hop through the course.
  • How many colour stations should you have? We recommend a min of 3; 5 is great; and 7 will feel like a rainbow.
  • Extra tip – If your Fun Run is a fundraiser, it can also be an opportunity to create colour station sponsors through signage and/or actively encouraging businesses to put on their corporate shirts and be “colour throwers” for the afternoon!

How Much Powder do I Need?

  • This will depend on your guest numbers and how many colour station throwers you plan to have (at least one for each colour).
  • We suggest 200 grams to 300 grams per participant. In our experience small children (eg 7-11) need less (eg 150gram).
  • Extra Tip – buy bulk to reduce packing waste. We offer 1kg and 5kg bag sizes.

Throwing Coloured Powder

  • Being a “colour thrower” is a great low-skill job for older children, parents and that big kid at heart.
  • Keep it simple – find some buckets or cut the tops of milk jugs to empty all the powder into. Reduce plastic waste – use what you have around the house, school or at work.
  • As each participant enters the station, scoop and toss a handful from the bucket onto their torso, so it sticks to their white shirts and arms.
  • Tell your throwers to avoid throwing the powder in the children’s eyes, mouths, noses or ears.
  • There may be kids that are scared, don’t force them. Consider sprinkling the powder on them rather than throwing.
  • Have water ready to flush out any powder that needs to be removed.

Extra Cool Ideas

  • Shower participants with water (i.e. run through a sprinkler, garden hose or invite the local fire brigade) to help coloured powder stick to white clothes.
  • Douse a tarp at a colour station with powder. Participants can lay down and roll or crawl to the other side.
  • Dig through the toys and equipment in the garage or at school. There are lots of fun obstacles you can add to your course with odd items (eg pool noodles, gym equipment, hula hoops or skipping ropes). Turn on your creative side and create something to jump over or run around.
  • Get super colourful! Wear odd colourful socks, crazy skirts/shorts and funny colourful hats. Encourage the kids to be silly, messy and have lots of fun.
  • Incorporate a “dancing station” on your course, were everyone stops and has a boogie!