How to Create Your Own Holi Festival at Home

What is Holi Festival?

Holi, a religious and cultural festival, is celebrated across India to signify the triumph of good over evil. It is also known as the festival of colours or love. It is a day where people participate in street festivals, exchange pleasantries and sweets and toss coloured powder at each other. Children try to come up with new and interesting ways to disguise and toss the powder at their family, friends and unsuspecting strangers. Everyone is fair game, in a fun, playful way. It fosters the creation of new friendships and forgiveness of past mistakes.

How Can I Create Holi Fun at Home?

1. Plan a date and area where you can host a BBQ and/or toss coloured powder at each other.

  • Search on internet for Holi festival dates (in 2019, it is March 20-21).
  • Ensure you have ample room for the kids to run around. Yard clean up is simple and easy, make sure you have access to a garden hose or sprinkler to wash excess powder away.

2. Make plans to invite the neighbours.

  • Holi festivals are about making new friendships and forgiving each other for past mistakes.
  • Centre your activities around the sharing of food, drink and music.
  • Remember you are never “too old” to participate in a coloured powder toss or fight.
  • Considering reaching out and inviting someone on your block you don’t know.

3. Source coloured powder.

  • Our powders are made of corn flour and food dye, and easily wash out of clothes and hair.
  • We suggest at least 300 grams per person. Making participants run back to a refill station should help make the colour powder supply last longer.

4. Plan the colour toss (fight) options.

  • Play dodge ball using nylons filled with colour powder. As you swing them around and they contact people, colour will splash onto them.
  • Put colour powder in small bags, buckets or cups and have participants grab and toss powder on each other.
  • Play freeze tag, where participants stop when they are hit with a powder and cannot move until they are hit with a new colour.
  • Any form of tag will work, just substitute your method of tagging with colour powder.

Extra Tips to Make Your Home Holi Festival Fun

  • Advise guests in advance to wear white and bring a change of clothes or towels for their car seats.
  • Have a different coloured powder for each team or person.
  • Wear sunglasses or swim goggle to reduce corn flour dust irritation of eyes. It is best not to throw powder at people’s faces.
  • Add water balloons or a run through a sprinkler to cool down participants and help powder stick better to clothes.
  • Create a costume (i.e. tutus, wigs, hats, etc.).
  • Play music and have everyone join in on the fun!
  • If hosting colour toss (fight) in a public place, it is always good practice to ask for permission to use coloured powder. We can send you MSDS information to forward onto your council or body corp.